This is Shadow Rock

Shadow Rock Preschool is a place where each child is valued as unique and unrepeatable.

Philosophy and Environment

We believe children learn through experiences. Rooms are set up in centers that foster age-appropriate play. Each morning consists of times for free play, dramatic play, housekeeping, puzzles, manipulatives, blocks, math, science, circle/concept, music, movement, open-ended art, playground, snack, and stories.

Although Shadow Rock Preschool is incorporated as part of Shadow Rock Church, United Church of Christ, no religious instruction is included in our preschool curriculum.  For more information about the church, visit its website.

What Will My Child Do at Preschool?

Children are encouraged to use all their senses in each learning experience- tasting, touching, smelling, seeing, and hearing. Process art is an important part of every preschool day. What is Process art? Process art is focused more on the act of making, experimenting, and discovering, rather than the art product itself. Your child will use exploration to discover new materials, techniques, and tools in an open-ended way that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative learning.

Choices are encouraged and a child’s right to choose not to participate in a particular activity is recognized.  Your child will learn to both recognize and accept his/her feelings and find acceptable ways to express these feelings.

While some activities are structured with an expected outcome, many activities are carefully unstructured to foster your child’s sense of self-discovery. Self-confidence and independence soar when children see what they can do.

At Shadow Rock Preschool we promote the “I Care Rules”

We Listen to Each Other

Hands are for Helping, not Hurting

We Use Nice Words

We Care about Each Other’s Feelings

We are Responsible for what We Say and Do

We Cannot Say, “You Cannot Play”

Parents are encouraged to schedule a tour and see firsthand all that Shadow Rock Preschool offers in building a solid foundation for your child’s future success. To schedule a tour or have questions answered, please contact the Preschool Director at 602-993-0050 or