When your child is sick, please keep him/her at home — both to protect them and the others in their room.  If your child becomes ill at school, we will take them to the office and contact you to pick them up.   If you are not home, then we will begin calling the emergency people on their blue card.  Please give the office a call to report the illness.  Also, please notify us immediately if your child has a communicable disease so we can alert other parents of possible exposure.

Please keep at home the child who has:

  • Current fever or an elevated temperature within the last 24 hours
  • Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting — 2 or more episodes within the last 24 hours
  • Matted eyes/pink eye/conjunctivitis until after medically treated and symptoms disappear
  • Untreated impetigo
  • Difficult or rapid breathing or severe coughing which sounds croupy or whooping and causes the child to be unable to lie comfortably — A persistent cough can be contagious
  • Sore throat, especially when there is fever or swelling
  • Check persistent nasal drainage with your physician
  • Lice–it happens in the nicest of families!  Please let us know if this occurs so that we can inform other parents, check children and the clean the classroom.  A child must remain home until treated and all nits are gone.

Since we have children who have severe food allergies, we ask that families DO NOT send classroom snacks or KDO lunches that contain peanut butter  sandwiches, crackers or any products which contain nuts.  We do not serve anything from the kitchen with nuts or peanuts or that is manufactured around nuts.  We also require that any treats brought into the classroom are bought, not made at home.

With one exception, we do not dispense medications.   Please see our director or refer to our booklet, “Questions” for more information on exceptions.

As a part of our health policy, we screen our four-year-olds for hearing problems.  Anyone failing the screening is notified.   Younger children are hard to screen, so if there are concerns, we recommend that they see their physician or the Health Department.

Health and Safety Procedures
Our staff continuously stresses health and safety in the classroom.  Hand washing is our most important line of defense against spreading disease, so we wash our hands A LOT! Also, when sneezing or coughing, the crook of your elbow is best.  We encourage you to teach your children to do the same at home.


On the VERY FIRST DAY of school we require a copy of your child’s most current immunizations.  These are the shots required to attend childcare in Arizona — which includes preschool.  For a complete list of the requirements, please refer to www.azdhs.govor your family physician.

A child who is missing shots required for his age can start preschool but must get a dose of each shot due within 15 days of enrollment and bring a copy of the up-dated shot record to the school.  After 15 days, the child may not attend without documentation of these shots.

Parents whose religious beliefs do not allow immunization must sign a religious exemption form.  A medical exemption form must be signed by the child’s doctor if there is lab evidence of immunity or a medical reason why the child cannot receive shots.  A copy of the lab results must be kept on file to prove the child’s immunity

EMERGENCY POLICY                             

Should a child become hurt at Shadow Rock Preschool we will:

  1. If minor, we will inform parents when they pick up the child.  If appropraite, First aid rendered and the child will be returned to the classroom.  If more severe, parents will be notified to come get their child and a report filed.
  2. Call 911 if a child is severely hurt, or even if a suspicion exist that professional medical help is required.   The second step is to follow their medical advice and third to alert parents.
  3. Call Poison Control if a child ingests something foreign, follow recommendations, call 911, then alert parents.

Medical Insurance
Shadow Rock Preschool carries an insurance policy for children injured here as a part of their overall family coverage.  Preschool also carries a liability policy in accordance with state licensing.

First Aid & CPR
Staff members hold current cards for Children’s First Aid and CPR.

Other Emergencies
Should an emergency require evacuation of the building, the children will depart with their teachers through the Phoenix Preserve Access.  This will take them between two of the houses just north of the preschool and on to Sweetwater Avenue.

In the case of a lock down, children will be kept inside and all exits locked.  If a danger is deemed imminent, where a long-term lockdown is appropriate, the children and teachers will move to the Lower Level of the sanctuary building.  The Director will bring the emergency contact information to the same place.


As a school we do have some sanitary issues you don’t experience at home.  When you tell us your child is potty trained, this is what we expect: Your child will be in cloth underwear (not pull-ups) and have the ability to use the bathroom without assistance.  Should your child have an accident at school, she/he will be put in a diaper, or pull-up if you have provided one, for the rest of the morning.

If your child is in our 2’s program and is not completely trained, she/he needs to wear a diaper/pull-up to school.  Your child will be checked by a teacher during the morning and changed if necessary.  We have diapering areas approved by licensing where this is done.